An Overview of Compulsory Basic Training

The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) course trains people who want to ride and operate a motorbike independently. In the United Kingdom, it became law for all motorcyclists to take this course in 1990. This was done to cut down on the number of vehicle accidents arising from novice drivers. CBT enables motorcyclists to gain their license, once they have passed the practical and theory examinations. After you finish Compulsory Basic Training, it will be valid for twenty-four months.


Contents of the Course

The CBT is comprised of five stages that should be finished individually, in the correct order. In other words, the first stage should be finished prior to proceeding to the next stage, etc. It is only possible to progress to the following stage, if the teacher believes that you have satisfied the requisite skills for your current level. These stages are outlined below:

  • Preface
  • On site Practical Teaching
  • On site Practical Bike Riding
  • On road Practical Teaching
  • On road Practical Bike Riding

After you have finished all of these stages properly, you will be given a completion certificate, also called the DL196. This certificate ensures that all the entitlements featured on your drivers license are regarded as valid.

Nonetheless, there are considerations concerning the DL196. After it is given to you, the entitlements featured on it are valid for the following twenty-four months. During this time, you are supposed to successfully finish the practical and theory exams. If, for instance, you do not pass these tests during the twenty-four month period, you will have to take the CBT again.

Another vital point is that cyclists who pass their driving tests using a valid DL196, or pass their car tests then finish the CBT – and own a DL196 — will not have their certificates expire. Consequently, you will have to keep hold of your DL196. Be aware though, that this rule applies to mopeds. Learners who wish to become motorcyclists will have to renew their DL196 after twenty-four months.

Receiving a High Standard of Tuition

Motoden Suzuki provides training of an excellent standard, so you get the right knowledge and skills to ride scooters and motorbikes efficiently and safely. Our courses are certified by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA), so you can be confident in the credentials of our instructors.

Our center is situated at the following address: 507 Kingsland Rd, London, E8, adjacent to Scooterden. For appointments and enquiries, telephone us on 020 7241 1111020 7241 1111, or send an email to Tim Carmichael.

Fees for Training

Using hire bikes on weekdays – £130.00*
Using hire bikes on weekends – £140.00*

*Price includes motorbike hire, use of helmet and gloves, and insurance (with no excess).

To arrange a CBT course, we need training fees to be fully paid before your appointment. To make a booking and organize your payment, telephone us on 020 7241 1111020 7241 1111. Please give the details below:

  • Your name
  • Full Address
  • Contact telephone numbers (including landline and mobile)
  • Email

Other details we require:

  • Each part of your United Kingdom license
  • Whether you wish to hire a scooter or motorbike
  • If you wish to hire a motorbike, whether you would like an automatic or geared model
  • Credit card details, like card number, security number, issue date, issue number (if applicable) and expiry date
  • Your desired date and weekday to receive the training – and a potential alternative

If you want to use your own motorbike, we need you to provide:

  • Original cover note or certificate of insurance
  • MOT (for motorbikes more than three years old)
  • Road tax that is valid
  • Rear and front L Plates

Also, we can arrange last minute appointments for riders. Telephone or email us to discuss your needs. Our expert instructors will help you to get your license in the shortest time possible.